Align Your Chakras Stone Chip Ring!
Stay in balance with this chakra ring of colorful stone chips and copper  • Shiny copper plate finish• Made in Peru The ring has an adjustable back  View this post on Instagram A post shared by Metaphysical New Age Boutique🌻 (@thehoneypot_atl)...
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Sun and Moon Ring
Moon wrap ring with milky moonstone ball
Evil Eye Protection Bracelet
Feel the power of protection with this multi blue eye bead bracelet. A stunning circle of glass beads connected by gold links. No matter which way you turn it, you'll have the look of positive power.• Blue and white glass...
  • Multi
  • Blue
Moon and Sun Cuff Bracelet
Embrace the Moon with this Gold Cuff Moon and Stone Bracelet
Align Your Chakra Earrings
Stay in balance with this chakra earring of colorful stone chips. A copper rectangle holds tiny flecks of stone in the colors of the rainbow. Embrace the meaning or just the style!• Shiny copper plate finish• Gold plate ear wire•...
Align Your Chakra Ring and Earrings Set
• Shiny copper plate finish• Gold plate ear wire• Made in Peru
$36.00 $33.00
Evil Eye Earrings-Seeing Eye to Eye Mismatched Druzy Eye Earrings
Seeing Eye to Eye Mismatched Druzy Eye Earrings This mismatched pair of blue eye earrings are set in black and clear druzy crystal. These eyes glitter and sparkle - no one will be able to take their eyes off these...
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Evil Eye Protection Set
Be Completely Protected with this lovely Evil Eye Set Set Includes: Evil Eye Druzy Earrings Evil Eye Protection Bracelet Evil Eye Antique Ring 
Shungite Bracelets
Beautifully polished Shungite nuggets measure approximately 19mm. Each nugget is unique. The bracelets measure approximately 7.5" Powerful EMF Protector Shungite is believed to have the ability to absorb and completely neutralize the dangerous frequencies from EMF radiation. The reason that Shungite is believed to be...
7 Chakra Bracelet with Velvet Pouch
Authentic Mixed-Stone Chakra Bracelet A beautiful bracelet on a stretchy cord - easily fits any wrist. It has a gemstone bead to represent each of the seven chakras, with the rest of the beads made from lava rock. The gemstones are: Red...
Egyptian Ankh - Key of Life Cuff Bangle
The design of this ankh cross bracelet bangle is simple and classic Material: Made of high-quality Stainless Steel
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Out of This World Bracelet
A natural tribute to the wonders of our galaxy! This unique pull bracelet features a stone representation of each of the planets in the Milky Way. Colorful natural planetary stones are strung on black cord and include gold star and...
Agate Slice Necklace
The nicely polished slabs measure approximately 2.5" long and come on a brown braided cord that is knotted in the back. The cord is approximately 26" long and can be untied to wear at any desired length.  various colors.
Mala Prayer Beads
Mala Prayer Beads
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Create your own Pendant
Description Cage with 28" nylon cord in a plastic bag with topper Size: 27mm x 21mm Holds stones up to approximately 1 1/2"L
Aura Mood Necklace
Vintage Mood Pendant Necklace - perfectly captures our current mood and a glimpse into our Aura.   Necklace measures 16" plus 2" adjustment links for universal fit. Oval mood pendant finished in Burnished Gold for a retro vintage look. Each...
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Amethyst Essential Oil Bottle Necklace
A gorgeous hand-carved & smoothed bottle made of 100% natural Amethyst stone.  Each mini perfume bottle hangs from a 19.7" sturdy gold or silver chain. Fill each bottle with your favorite essential oil or fragrance! Material: Amethyst Natural Stone Metal: Stainless Steel Size: Around...
Medicine Bag
A small velvet pouch on a long cord for wearing around your neck or wrapping around your car rearview mirror. Use it to bring magical or protective items with you, like evil eye charms, crystals and gemstones, or spells. Made...
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Black Salt Protection Talisman
A protective black salt in a tiny 5ml glass bottle. Carry it with you to keep away hostile people and negative energy. If urgently needed, sprinkle it in someone's footsteps after they leave to discourage their return. Not edible. Ingredients:...
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