Divinely Lit Money & Moon Wax Melts

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Our Money Wax Melts can add a little extra luck in financial matters and attract money your way! You can almost smell the money and these cinnamon/vanilla melts! 



Chamomile Essential Oil: For abundance, luck, and attracting money.

Pyrite Crystal Chips: For wealth, good luck, and prosperity.

Calendula & Chamomile Flower: For attracting money and financial luck.


Our Unwind Wax Melts are just what you need after a long tiring day. Relax and unwind with these calming lavender and sage-scented melts!



Blue Lotus Flower: For relaxation, sleep, and restfulness.

Howlite Crystal Chips: For calmness, peace, and aiding in sleep.

Lavender & Sage Essential Oil: For relaxation, anxiety, and calming stress.

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