Soul Astrology: How Your Rising Sign Reveals Your Soul Path and Life Purpose

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Author: Hadikin, RuthEdition: 1Binding: PaperbackNumber Of Pages: 310Publisher: Ruth Hadikin AssociatesRelease Date: 09-09-2016Details: Product description This amazingly simple method from a Tibetan Master unlocks the secrets of your Soul - revealing your Soul Path and life purpose for this incarnation. A potentially mind-blowing read, Soul Astrology can help you to...

Author: Hadikin, Ruth

Edition: 1

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 310

Publisher: Ruth Hadikin Associates

Release Date: 09-09-2016

Details: Product description This amazingly simple method from a Tibetan Master unlocks the secrets of your Soul - revealing your Soul Path and life purpose for this incarnation. A potentially mind-blowing read, Soul Astrology can help you to get clear on what you came here to do AND how you'll do it! What you can learn in Soul Astrology: * WHAT you came here to do * HOW you'll do it * BLOCKS that are in your way * HOW to REMOVE them * HOW to FIND your SOUL PATH in YOUR HOROSCOPE * Your INNATE MASTERY and GIFTS that you brought with you that will accomplish your life purpose During the early twentieth century a Tibetan Master who simply called himself "The Tibetan" transmitted a body of work known as A Treatise On The Seven Rays, to an Englishwoman named Alice Bailey. Part of that work was the volume known as Esoteric Astrology. Many have studied Esoteric Astrology and found the work to be complex in it's presentation. In Soul Astrology Ruth Hadikin cuts through the complexity so you can easily access the essential wisdom of the Tibetan Master DK. This amazingly simple (yet deeply profound) approach to your birth chart shows you how to easily identify your Soul's Path and determine your life purpose for this incarnation. "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?" are the biggest questions that you will ever ask yourself as you walk though this journey of life. The answers are hiding in plain sight and can easily be revealed through your horoscope. You just need to know how to look, and this book is about to tell you... Drawing upon Esoteric Astrology, the Greek myth of Hercules, and ancient principles from spiritual masters, Ruth Hadikin describes the journey of your Soul through the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Your Soul's Path and your life purpose will become crystal clear to you. For spiritual seekers and lovers of astrology alike, Soul Astrology is a powerful addition to your toolbox for your ongoing journey of spiritual awakening. Review "Soul Astrology is a wee treasure. It is one that is easily accessible to those with little or no esoteric training and a lovely reminder of truth to those of us already steeped in the Ancient Wisdom Teachings of which the true astrology is an integral part." - Alan Oken, Author, "Soul-Centered Astrology: A Key To Your Expanding Self" "Hadikin's Soul Astrology focuses on the Ascendant or (Rising Sign) within the broader field of esoteric astrology. The text offers a description of each of the 12 Ascendants as generally understood by mainstream astrology, but also the esoteric implications. In order to properly understand your life's purpose, as denoted by your Rising Sign, you must also understand the metaphysical philosophy that underpins this system. The brief opening chapters explain this worldview, which the author encapsulates by writing that 'the Soul can be thought of as an individualised expression of Divinity'. Soul Astrology is especially designed for spiritual seekers who also have an interest in astrology. And the astrology used here is directly derived from Alice Bailey's work a century ago, which she attributes to the Tibetan. The author invites you to take a journey of 'self exploration, self-discovery, self understanding and adventure.'" - Chris Lorenz, Dell Horoscope Magazine. "Ruth Hadikin is a guest blogger at She is an esoteric astrologer writing on Aquarius-Leo: The Flow of Love and the Flowering of Human Consciousness. It always seems like a good idea to include an uplifting view, and she writes: "The fully integrated Aquarian Soul knows that the way to flow the energy of love and life is through skillful use of the mind; that mental energy is not meant to be wasted as we currently do in petty conflicts or the pursuit of mental games to amuse the ego, but that our mind is meant to be a focused vehicle for the influx of spiritual energy."" - Mary Plumb, Mountain Astrologer (commenting on an excerpt from Soul Astrology, published on "For people who are looking to lift the veil and see what lies in the deeper firmament of our individual Soul focus, esoteric --or soul centered astrology-- is the place to seek. Ruth brings this ancient wisdom to the current age in a way that is immediately accessible and deeply engaging." - Michael Bartlett, Astrologer, "Soul Astrology, while applicable to everyday situations, is more about our inward journey, the path to growth and enlightenment, our personal "hero's journey." It often starts with a question: Who am I? What am I here for? Ruth's "Soul Astrology" gently guides you on that path, helps you decipher the signposts, and provides you with the inspiration to keep going, even when the going gets tough. Ruth's writing is very accessible and suitable for those with little or no background in astrology. As a true measure of her gifted insight, seasoned astrologers will find it equally appealing. No matter how many times you've read the sections about your sign, you will find something new, something that speaks to you differently than before, because you are in a different place. Ruth Hadikin is not your average astrologer, and "Soul Astrology" is not your average astrology book." - Patricia Paquette, Astrologer, From the Author When I first heard the term "Soul Astrology" I felt a shiver of excitement unparalleled to anything else in my life. It not only struck a chord, but also it shot straight through me. It deeply resonated and reawakened my love of astrology. It was so unlike any other astrological approach I had ever encountered. I am now blessed to be able to bring this approach to others in a way that is simple and easy to understand. Words cannot express the responses and deep recognition that people often experience when they hear their Soul Sign and Soul purpose for the first time. It is as though their life, with all it's ups and downs, suddenly makes sense. Understanding your Soul Path, what is wanting to happen, and how it is often your own personality that is getting in your way, is a powerful and liberating experience. Human beings are tough, resilient, creatures, and we can pretty much go through anything as long as we know it is for a good reason. Soul Astrology gives us that reason. It explains the developmental stages of your Soul's journey, and where you are at on that journey. It gives answers as to why you are experiencing the challenges that you do, at this stage, and what is really wanting to happen. Just like a baby who is learning to walk will keep falling over. Falling over is no longer a problem, when you realize it's happening to take you to a higher goal. In addition to the Amazon reviews above (which are solely based on the book), here are some of the things people say following their first experience of discovering their Soul Sign: "Thank you soo much. I connected on all levels and even began to weep from the enlightenment I received, and mostly for confirmation of what I knew to be true. When something resonates on that level you know and understand it's the right thing, and for that I thank you. My soul is and was yearning for this stepping stone and the universe lead me ... to you. Thank you for your time and your gift." - Malissa, Indiana, USA "Your website and the information you provide are excellent! My daughter said she had never read a description of the Leo soul that resonated with her the way yours did. Thank you so much for the work you do!" - Charlotte, Ohio, USA "I was searching for some astrological information and was pleasantly surprised how in depth and useful your information was. You go places where many astrologers do not. Thank you Ruth for the work/service and information you bring to those of us lucky enough to find your website." - Marianne, Oregon, USA "I have read most of Alice Bailey's books but they left me unfulfilled, almost like going round in a circle but never reaching the destination. However after several years I have been reading your writing [and] ... it jumped out at me and the start of understanding AB's books seems to be happening!!" - GT, England, UK "I have studied Astrology peripherally for years as I know it is all important in studying one's lifetime journey; but understanding Astrology is complicated. Finding Ruth, and reading my own Soul Astrology has accelerated and clarified my understanding of my Life Path immensely!! The pairing of the Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign made a huge difference- and I am so excited to go deeper into this perspective. Thank You Ruth!!!" - Pat, Virginia, USA I can understand their excitement and enthusiasm for Soul Astrology. Their comments certainly reflect my own experience of resonating on the deepest level, to the Soul Purpose indicated by my own Rising Sign. For me personally, this approach resonates more than any other astrological indicator of my Soul path. As a tool for spiritual awakening Soul Astrology can help you to discover your inner peace, so you can be at peace within yourself and the world, by aligning with your most altruistic underlying motivation through the energy of your Rising Sign. You are invited to join our small community of 'self-explorers' using Soul Astrology as a tool to support your journey of spiritual awakening. Learn more about the foundations of Soul Astrology through my FREE newsletter (details of how to join are inside the book, and on my website) and you'll also receive a free eBook, "Your Essential Guide to Soul Astrology". It is my sincere wish that Soul Astrology will inspire you to go deeper into your own self-exploration, and that it will become a very helpful tool for you in your journey of spiritual awakening. May your spiritual journey bring you deep insights and inner peace. with very best wishes, Ruth Hadikin Author, Soul Astrology About the Author Ruth Hadikin BSc. graduated with a first class honors degree (summa cum laude) in midwifery. She has studied spiritual and esoteric subjects since she was 19 years of age, integrating her wisdom with experience gained from her own spiritual practice, and worldwide travel. As a professional astrologer, her defining talent is bringing deep insight, clarity and simplicity to complex subjects - in particular Esoteric Astrology and the teachings of The Tibetan through the work of Alice Bailey. Ruth has traveled extensively in the UK, Ireland, Spain, USA, Australia, Kenya, Egypt, India, Nepal and Tibet. She has lived in England, Scotland, Spain and the USA. She specializes in supporting you on your own greatest adventure: using Soul Astrology to explore your Soul Path and Life Purpose.

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Soul Astrology: How Your Rising Sign Reveals Your Soul Path and Life Purpose
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