Touch Yoga - A Kundalini Experience






Harnesses the Healing Power of Touch with Nasahrhette Bawa

The goal of Kundalini Yoga is to have a spiritual experience by uniting the mind, body, and breath. Out of all the different types of yoga, it is the quickest route to enlightenment because it integrates the three most important parts of your consciousness. 

Touch Yoga boosts this powerful form of yoga by learning to hug, touch, and hold yourself, using your own incredibly healing hands.

When we are in pain, hugs can soothe the soul. When we are in joy, they are a way to share that experience. Physical touch helps us feel in alignment with something greater than ourselves. Touch brings people together, permeating our physical layer and dissolving the divide between “us” and “other." And here is the thing, you don’t need to contact another person to receive all of the benefits of physical touch.

During this 1-hour yoga class, you will take a journey into self. The class begins with breathwork and an herbal head cleanse by Nasa, followed by instructions on how to combine kundalini yoga and your touch to supercharge your connection to self. This will be done to the hottest R&B and Caribbean beats. The class finishes with a mirror work session so you can feel fully connected and clear of confusion.

Calm your body, clear your energy systems, and connect with yourself through breath, music, movement, and community.



Touch Yoga - A Kundalini Experience
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