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7 Day Candle

7 Day Candle

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7-day candles, also known as novena candles or prayer candles, are often used in various religious and spiritual practices for meditation, prayer, and intention-setting. Each color of the candle is associated with specific meanings and attributes, and people choose candles based on their intentions and the symbolism they want to invoke. Here's a description of the common colors of 7-day candles and their associated attributes:

  1. White Candle:

    • Attributes: Purity, spirituality, peace, healing, protection, clarity, truth.
    • Purpose: White candles are often used for general blessings, healing, purification, connecting with higher spiritual realms, and ancestor reverence.
  2. Red Candle:

    • Attributes: Passion, love, courage, strength, energy, vitality, determination.
    • Purpose: Red candles are used to attract love, enhance passion, boost energy, and ignite courage.
  3. Green Candle:

    • Attributes: Abundance, growth, fertility, prosperity, luck, harmony, healing.
    • Purpose: Green candles are lit for matters related to money, success, growth, and overall well-being.
  4. Blue Candle:

    • Attributes: Communication, tranquility, wisdom, patience, protection, intuition.
    • Purpose: Blue candles help enhance communication, seek guidance, and promote calmness and clarity.
  5. Yellow Candle:

    • Attributes: Intellect, creativity, confidence, clarity, joy, success, mental clarity.
    • Purpose: Yellow candles are used for matters of intelligence, creativity, and uplifting the spirits.
  6. Pink Candle:

    • Attributes: Love, friendship, compassion, emotional healing, nurturing.
    • Purpose: Pink candles are associated with love, emotional healing, and building positive relationships.
  7. Purple Candle:

    • Attributes: Spirituality, psychic abilities, transformation, insight, meditation.
    • Purpose: Purple candles are used to enhance spiritual practices, develop intuition, and facilitate personal growth.
  8. Orange Candle:

    • Attributes: Confidence, energy, success, enthusiasm, motivation, self-expression.
    • Purpose: Orange candles are used to boost confidence, motivation, and bring about positive change.
  9. Black Candle:

    • Attributes: Protection, banishing, absorbing negativity, transformation.
    • Purpose: Black candles are used for dispelling negative energy, breaking bad habits, and protection.
  10. Brown Candle:

    • Attributes: Grounding, stability, home, practicality, endurance, nurturing.
    • Purpose: Brown candles are used for matters related to home, stability, and connecting with nature.
  11. Silver/Grey Candle:

    • Attributes: Intuition, reflection, neutrality, balance, removal of negativity.
    • Purpose: Silver or grey candles are often used for meditation, reflection, and removing negativity.
  12. Gold Candle:

    • Attributes: Wealth, success, prosperity, achievement, abundance, enlightenment.
    • Purpose: Gold candles are associated with attracting wealth, achieving success, and invoking divine blessings.

It's important to note that while these color associations are common, interpretations can vary depending on personal beliefs, cultural influences, and individual intentions. When using 7-day candles, it's essential to infuse your own intentions and energy into the practice for the most meaningful results.