Black Salt

Black Salt

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Magical Protection Blend: Ward Off Negative Energy and Hostile Forces

Discover the power of our carefully crafted Magical Protection Blend—an enchanted mixture designed to shield you from negative energy and repel hostile influences. This potent concoction is your mystical tool for creating protective barriers, dispelling negativity, and creating a secure space for your well-being.

Banish Negativity: Embrace the energy of transformation as you use our Magical Protection Blend to banish negative energy from your surroundings. Whether it's your home, workplace, or even your car, this blend serves as your trusted companion for creating a shield against hostile forces.

Versatile Application: Sprinkle this blend around your space to create a protective barrier that wards off negativity. Keep a small bag of the blend on your work desk or in your car to ensure you're surrounded by its protective energy wherever you go.

Repel Unwanted Influences: Use the blend strategically to discourage the return of negative individuals. Sprinkle it in the footsteps of those who carry negative energy, creating a barrier that dissuades them from returning.

Handcrafted by a Witch: Our Magical Protection Blend is meticulously handmade by a skilled witch, infusing it with intention, energy, and the essence of ancient magical practices. Each ingredient is carefully selected for its protective properties and magical potency.

Ingredients of Power: Our blend is a harmonious fusion of natural ingredients: salt, ashes, charcoal, black pepper, dragon's blood resin, and white sage. This combination amplifies the blend's protective energy and makes it a force to be reckoned with.

Sacred and Powerful: Please note that this blend is not for consumption and is meant solely for magical use. Each bag contains approximately 1/2 cup (approximately 4.8 ounces) of this potent blend, ready to assist you on your journey to safeguard your energy and space.

Elevate Your Protection: Embrace the power of the Magical Protection Blend and order now to infuse your life with its protective magic. With its mystical energy and handcrafted essence, this blend becomes your steadfast ally in dispelling negativity, creating boundaries, and inviting harmony into your life.

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