Thank you for your interest in the Honey Pot Energy Art Artisan Marketplace. Completing an application does not guarantee your participation in the market. It places you in our Artisan selection pool. As a team, we closely evaluate each application and make selections based on community impact, quality of business, and products/services. You only have to apply one time per year. We will only contact you if you are selected.
Application for Marketplace opens August 1st 9am / EST and closes on September 1st 5 PM / EST
If you apply during the application process for the Honey Pot Energy & Art Vendor Marketplace, a committee reviews your application. Based on a rubric and the number of businesses that are selected per category, we will contact you if you are selected. Keep in mind, applying does not guarantee a selection and all products must be sampled before final approval. If you are selected, we will contact you via email to schedule an appointment and talk more about the product you’d like to sell in our store. All Artisans will be required to sign a Consignment Agreement, W - 9 Form, and DD Form to participate in our Marketplace.
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