Love Spiritual Bath Bundle
Love Spiritual Bath Bundle

Love Spiritual Bath Bundle

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The Love Bundle Includes:

16 oz Love Spiritual Bath

Love Chakra Votive Scented Candle

Rose Petal Wrapped Chakra Sage

Love Mojo Bag- Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Amethyst, Citrine, Clear Quartz 

  Available Online Only - Not available in store 

Our Handmade Spiritual Baths - Time to relax and unwind and use the magickal properties to invoke - Protection, Love, Prosperity, or Healing 

Each bath contains a very specific blend of herbs, essential oils, and healing salts!

 How to Use:

A spiritual bath works to cleanse the mind and spirit, using powerful ingredients that charge the bathwater with healing vibrations that assist to remove blockages, hurts, pains, and situations that are no longer serving you, while bringing in the energy of healing, restoration, manifesting and blessings.

A Spiritual Bath is a Ritual and Should be treated as such.

We recommend that you take the time to clean the space, you may want to scrub the bathtub thoroughly first to make sure it is clean, as well as the surrounding areas of the bathroom. Sweep, mop, take out the trash, put things away, and create an orderly and inviting environment. Set your intention: what do you intend to achieve with this ritual, what things are you washing away? What are you bringing forth? During this time, refrain from outside disturbances such as texts, phone calls or visitors ect.

Shower before the bath, do not incorporate soaps or other cleaning agents.

Fill the bathtub with water at a temperature that feels most comfortable.

You may want to light an incense stick or a few candles or play some soothing music – anything that will relax your mind into a calm, meditative state. Once you are relaxed, spend at least 20-30 minutes focusing on your intention.