OSHUN 7 Day Candle
OSHUN 7 Day Candle
OSHUN 7 Day Candle

OSHUN 7 Day Candle

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Ā Illuminate Your Space with the Elegance of the OSHUN 7-Day Candle! šŸ•Æļø

Experience the captivating radiance of our exquisitely crafted OSHUN 7-Day Candle, meticulously designed to honor the beloved Orisha of the sweet and fresh waters. This divine candle not only adds a luminous touch to your surroundings but also pays homage to Oshun's vibrant spirit and powerful attributes.

Ā Resplendent in Yellow: Our OSHUN candle is a tribute to this Orisha's favorite color, as the warm and radiant yellow hues illuminate your space with Oshun's energy. This sacred color embodies joy, abundance, and the essence of Oshun's blessings.

Ā Natural Elegance: Hand-poured with care, our candle is crafted from 100% natural soy and delicately scented with the sweet aroma of honey. Adorned with cowrie shells and sunflower petals, this masterpiece embodies the essence of Oshun's connection to nature and her role as a healer and nurturer.

Ā Spirit of Healing and Love: Oshun, the Orisha of the sweet waters, rivers, lakes, and streams, is renowned for her healing powers and ability to bring forth fertility and prosperity. With a divine touch, she also represents beauty and the divine feminine, infusing every space with her loving presence.

Ā Embrace Oshun's Blessings: Light up our OSHUN 7-Day Candle to invite Oshun's blessings of love, healing, and prosperity into your life. Let the luminous glow serve as a beacon for her energy, radiating beauty and positivity.

Illuminate your space with the embodiment of Oshun's grace and vitality. Embrace the essence of the divine feminine and the abundant blessings she brings. Order your OSHUN 7-Day Candle now and bask in the glow of Oshun's divine presence.