How To Do A Full Moon Ritual

how to do a full moon ritual

Hey friends it's Lana from The Honey Pot, and in this post, I'm going to walk you through our full moon ritual, and how to create one for yourself. so let's get started!


The full moon is the ideal time for wrapping up reaping from and reflecting on any projects or habits you started during the previous new moon the previous week, month, six months, or even year; the full moon also acts as a massive cosmic spotlight illuminating what has and haven't been working for you in all aspects of your life. This is the optimal time for self-reflection and spiritual cleansing through a full moon ritual


Step one: prepare your space 


In order to do a full moon ritual the most basic thing, you'll need will be just a pen and paper but you can also include a meditation cushion a bundle of sage for smudging, some crystals like rose quartz and clear quartz for clarity and opening up my heart chakra, and a journal. (Full Moon Ritual Bundle Box)


The Full moon is the perfect time for smudging a physical space with sage or Palo Santo or even rosemary or eucalyptus, I recommend sitting as close to the earth as possible to clear stagnant energy-burning. Sage actually releases negative ions which can get rid of the more harmful positive ions that our electronic devices can oftentimes admit.


Once your energetic and physical space is cleared a great way to clear your mental space is through mindful meditation. I like to use Insight Timer on my phone for some guided meditation especially if I haven't done it in a while and I want to get back into the groove of it, this is great especially if you're a beginner as well this is a great way also to get grounded and centered with the present moment, but if your mind still doesn't feel clear starting with journaling a full two pages of just whatever comes to mind can do wonders, I like to use a notes page on my journal for this before filling out the actual full moon page on in the next step. 



Step two: write it out 


Next, it's time to write a list of what you'd like to release from your life; this can be habits, people or whatever first comes to mind. This is your monthly opportunity to truly reflect on the habits, behavior, and environments that haven't been serving you and process why you've held on to them as well as what it will look like once you let them go.

The full moon also represents the culmination of whatever you've created over the past few months or a few weeks and reflecting on the outcome of your behavior and whether or not it's been working. it can be very constructive for self-improvement. 


Step three: make it disappear


It is very common for this ritual to be done with the cleansing light of the full moon to aid in purification and it is also common to burn the paper where the list is written down on. for that reason, I like to use a journal where the ages can be torn out and/or burned.


I hope this post has helped guide you through the basics of a full moon ritual.


Peace & Blessings 🙏🏾🌻

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