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Over the years, I have explored, studied and practiced multiple spiritualities. I have developed a fondness for some but not so much as to “become” a part of any. I am at peace with and perfectly comfortable practicing any one of the many that I have embarked upon.  If near a river, I call upon my "head" Orisha Oshun for guidance and inspiration. If feeling particularly restless and can’t stop my mind from racing, I utilize the principals of Buddhism and chant or meditate to ease the weariness.  I embrace the concepts of mindfulness and being grateful, and attribute happiness to the level of love within me and the vibrations that I choose to tap into. If at a family dinner, I happily join in grace with a prayer that typically concludes in Jesus’s name. Often, I give praise to Allah or Blessed Be to the infinite Universe. I have respect for the simplicity taught by the church of Mormon and have found some of the teachings of the Jehovah Witness to be quit intriguing. I subscribe to and appreciate the earth reverence of the Shaman as well as Wicca and have the highest respect for the sheer discipline and unwavering allegiance of the Muslim’s. Being raised Catholic, I am still fascinated by the rituals and ceremonies of the Catholic church; likely why I have such an affinity for candle magick. Through my brush with Yoruba I learned ancestor reverence, divination and the importance of sacrifice, I pay homage by constructing alters and leaving offerings for my ancestors whose spirits live on within me. All these studies, journeys and inspirations have led me to understand that there is no right or wrong way, it is all relevant. Every thing lives and has a vibration or energy, anything, any idea, any concept, any ritual, any religion, any fanaticism, any-“thing”  and every-“thing” that we give offerings to in the form of energy;  be it conscious or subconscious; is living and breathing and therefore relevant, right and very powerful. It doesn't matter the name that we choose to call this energy all that is important is the intention and what we believe it to be.


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